Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people live the life they dream of at home or work by providing the products and services they need to make their surroundings comfortable, safe and attractive. We promise the provide the best quality products, warm and friendly customer service delivered with respect and confidence and to support our valued customers with the most knowledgeable representatives who will always know the solution to your needs.


Our Vision is to be a good corporate citizen by practicing good environmental stewardship, utilizing sustainable materials and techniques, improving our community and the lives of the citizens, and giving back. We are committed to upholding strong moral values such as honesty, trust, reasonableness, loyalty, and confidence with our employees, partners, customers, and all society.


AMAC of New York construction specializes in window installation, door replacement, and siding. We offer high-quality services that combine the best craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Whatever your budget, style, or requirement, we’ve got you covered.

We have a large team of experts with many years experience in project analysis, planning, and implementation to meet your timelines and budget. We are not only concerned with the functionality of the work. We also ensure that the finished work complements the aesthetics, personality, and taste.